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Auto Extended Warranty

Find auto extended warranty services. Compare on discount rates, fees, ratings, features, services, mobile capability, accepted cards, and more.

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What About Extended Auto Warranties?

Purchasing a car is an investment. While the value of a car depreciates over time, the usage one gets out of the vehicle can be extremely valuable. A car intended to get the driver to and from work every day helps the person continue to draw an income. Cars that end...

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Extended Car Warranties – Smart Move or a Waste of Money?

During the process of purchasing a new car, the dealer will offer you quite a few optional add-ons, including an extended warranty. The usefulness of these add-ons varies, but it’s almost always better to decline them, as dealers mark them up quite a bit. This doesn’t...

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Must Ask Questions About Extended Auto Warranties

When your purchase a new vehicle, it’s very likely that you will be offered an extended auto warranty by the dealership. These are available at both dealerships and independent retailers. You should be prepared with the list of questions below to ensure that a...

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